Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Skin Products Review

Hello my Lovelies, 

I am sharing my current favorite skincare products with you guys.  These are probably a winter staple for me, especially with the brutal temperatures outside causing skin to look dull and dry.  

Let's start with the most asked about product:  Lush's Angels on Bare Skin.  I love this as a moisturizing face wash, but I think you cannot use it as a cleansing one.  I use it while taking a shower and it almost makes me feel as if I am in a spa (we can pretend can't we?).  This is a preservative free product, which means that it needs to be used within the time frame written on the packaging or else it will become contaminated with microbes.  I am guessing you can increase the longevity of it by refrigerating it, but I have not tried that yet.  Let's talk about the ingredients, which is what makes this such a great face wash.  The ground almonds helps to exfoliate and brighten up dull skin, while the lavender oil and dried flowers give it a soft fragrance.  The lavender also acts as a therapeutic agent, which is something I definitely need at the end of the day.  On the packaging it states that the lavender helps uneven skin tone.  Honestly, I am not too sure how much this alone has helped my blemishes and uneven skin tone because I also use another product from time to time for that purpose.  I remember in my teenage years when I suffered from mild acne, I used to make this facial mask by mixing ground almonds, milk and honey.  Let me tell you that concoction was a miracle for my skin problems back then.  It helped to moisturize, brighten and soften my skin.  Angels on Bare skin has similar ingredients, which is probably why I love it so much.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this to people with dry skin who are looking to use something that is preservative free and also moisturizing.   

Moving on to another product by Lush, which is the Mint Julips lip scrub.  This is a great product with people who have dry/peeling lips much like mine.  It just contains sugar and some essential oils, helping to scrub and moisturize the lips at the same time.  Just use before going to bed and apply your favourite lip balm and you have baby soft lips the next day.

The last product is a skin lotion by Aveeno.  This is another product that contains lavender, so it has therapeutic properties; hence the title "Stress Relief." I don't know if it's just a mind of matter thing, but I honestly feel like this product calms me.  I apply it after a shower and it really moisturizes well, leaves a light fragrance and de-stresses me.

What skin products are you using this winter? 

PS.  The product below is probably going to be my next purchase! You can see the lavender trend here.  I think that is my new love.