Monday, February 23, 2015

Ethnic Vibes/Eid outfit (belated)

Hello my Lovelies,

I haven't been able to post lately because I actually misplaced the charger to my camera and on top of that my trusty photographer (aka my sister) basically works for 12 hours now, which means I can never have good pictures taken during the day.  I have attempted at taking pictures with a tripod, but have been unsuccessful.  In my opinion pictures come out best in daylight hours and at certain times of the day.  With brutally cold temperatures and shortened days, coupled with my handy photographer gone all day, pretty much meant zero to none blog pictures sadly.

These pictures were from the last Eid in October and were trapped in my camera until I found my charger.  Anyways, I put together this outfit as an ethnic/South Asian approach to minimalism.  I liked the Mao collar (I believe that is what this neckline is called) along with the white buttons running down the front of the shirt.  I am actually a fan of shirts with buttons going down the front like this.  I added a black lace cardigan for a trendy look and paired the entire outfit with black suede pumps.

I have actually been very into minimalistic/monochrome looks this season.  Just add one pop of colour and keep the rest of the outfit either one color or neutral.  I feel as if minimalism saves me time and effort in putting together something and it also ends up looking very classy.

What do you girls think of the edgy hand bracelet?  My sister found it at Forever21 and both of us fell in love with it!  We actually share quite a lot of clothing and jewellery, except shoes; she has a larger foot than moi sadly.

What have you been up to in terms of style lately? 

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