Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beauty Haul

These are some of the recent beauty items that I have purchased and have been gifted.

Naked 3:  I had been eyeing this palette since my friend used it on me at my baby shower back in January.  The rosy/ pink hues are so gorgeous! The palette has a mix of matte, shimmery and glittery eyeshadows.  I think it's a very versatile palette allowing you can create a smokey eye to a neutral eye look.  It's perfect if you are looking for a summer palette that will also be convenient for traveling since it is that season for vacations!
The palette can be purchased here

Real Techniques Brush:  I love most of the brushes by Real Techiniques since they are affordable, soft and do the job in my opinion.  I have a confession that I don't own any MAC makeup brushes! *GASP*.  I think this expert face brush is perfect for a foundation brush since it is dense enough to allow you to buff your foundation in perfectly.  I am not one to use brushes for their exact purposes, which allows me a bit of creativity with them.
The brush can be purchased here

Naked Flushed: I was gifted this palette by my best friend Sara.  Again it is one of those perfect compact palettes for traveling.  It contains a light coloured bronzer (perfect for contouring), a highlighter and a Rosy coloured matte blush.  According to Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, this palette was used on her on her wedding with Kanye West.  So, if you loved her makeup at her wedding then be sure to check out this palette.  I think the bronzer and highlighter are absolutely beautiful for the summer.
The palette can be purchased here

Freeman Mask:  I was introduced to this mask by my friend and fellow blogger Showstopper90.blogspot.com.  It is a perfect dupe for the Origins Active Charcoal mask, which retails for approximately $16, while this Freeman Mask retails for around $3 something.  What a bargain!  I loved it when my friend used it on me, so I decided to purchase it and try it out myself for a while.  I have been into skin care a lot lately.  Maybe it's because it has hit me that I am over 25 and need to really take care of me skin now.  Eeek!  This is an exfoliating and clarifying mask, which contains activated charcoal for purifying and sugar for exfoliating.  Allure has rewarded this product as Best of Beauty 2013.
Purchase the mask here

Lancome Dramatic Duo:  Again this was a gift from my best friend Sara.  I think she knew I love Lancome mascaras.  My eyes are very sensitive to mascaras for some reason.  Some drugstore waterproof ones irritate my eyes so much that I can't stand to wear them for more than an hour.  Anyways, this duo contains a booster and a mascara.  The booster helps to sort of prime your lashes.  I think Lancome mascaras are one of the best mascaras out there honestly.  No clumps at all!  That's just my opinion though.  I have been a die hard fan since I was introduced to them back in 2005.
The products can be found separately here and here

For anyone who is curious a similar and trendy faux arrangement of flowers can be found Here .

What have you purchased lately? 

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